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Healthy food for you and your family, through the plasma technology that inactivates bacteria to keep your vegetables and fruits as fresh as day one.

Multi Air Flow
The cold air will reach every part of the refrigerator through the 3D cooling technology.

Glass Shelves
Not only are the shelves super elegant, they’re also easy to clean, because they’re made of shatterproof glass.

We’ve also added LED lamps that let you see inside the refrigerator clearly and comfortably.

Stainless Steel
A silver stainless steel door, making the refrigerator a piece of art that fits any kitchen color.

Digital Control
With a digital control screen so you can control the internal temperature, as well as monitoring the temperature inside the refrigerator at any moment.

This will alert you if a child opens the door, or if you forget to close it.

High-efficiency Cooling – Shatterproof Glass – Biggest Storage Space – Eco-friendly – Digital Screen for Temperature control – Child Safety Lock – LED Lighting – Prevents Bacteria and Bad Odors – Alarm.

Dimensions 5780791 × 5784791 cm


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