Refrigerator – 430 liters


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No-frost technology to prevent ice formation inside the fridge.

Constant cooling and distribution system that reaches every part of the refrigerator evenly to keep food fresh all the time.

Complete control over temperature down to zero degrees in the freezer.

Layers of insulation that seal out air and humidity and keeps coolness inside the refrigerator.

Food stays cool with power cuts up to six hours.

The best motor power to guarantee the best quality and peace of mind.

Lined on the inside with two long-lived electrostatic rust resistant layers.

The biggest storage space in a refrigerator and a freezer, unmatched  in the market.

Pyrex shelves guarantees cleanliness, elegant shape, and longevity.

Wonderful design makes the refrigerator a piece of art in your house.

Eco-friendly refrigerator.

High Efficiency Cooling – Shatter-Proof Glass –  Eco-friendly – Less Electricity Consumption – Can take up to 40 Kgs –  Big Drawer Space – Multi-Layered Insulation.

Dimensions 5780791 × 5784791 cm


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