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Electrostar Family

Today, Electrostar manufactures a wide range of products, including: Refrigerators, Freezers, Gas Cookers and other products related to the field (Plastics) of house hold appliances under license from a number of international companies including: Panasonic (Japan), Samsung (Korea), Electrolux (Italy), LG (Korea) and Whirlpool (Italy)
Electrostar’s principal facilities are located in 6th October city, Giza Egypt, on 100,000 meter square with a number of employees of 1,500. However, those privileges provide enough capacity to allow ESG to become one of the largest companies in the manufacturing of Home Appliances in Egypt and the Middle East. Our product has not only reached Egypt; we export to many countries around the world.

Water Heaters
  • Hot water all the time without the waiting
  • Energy efficient, that won’t hike up the electric bill
  • A decorative piece in your house
  • No Frost and De Frost  Refrigerators
  • Availaible in 5 Lines Prestige, Elegance, Royal, Oscar and Kenzy
  • Available in 3 Colors White, Gold and Silver
  • Available in 60X60 , 80X60 , 90X60
  • Auto-ignition that lasts
  • A grill that can spin endlessly
  • Electrostatic Anti Rust Painting System
  • Attractive designs Environmentally friendly
  • Available in 2 colors White and Silver


Washing Machines
  • Loaded from the top
  • Never make noise
  • Perfectly timed rotations
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Head Office:
1 Geser El-Suiz Street, El-Nozha El Gedeeda, Cairo
Telefax : 00202-2620765 / 00202-26207658

Factories :
6th of October City 1st Industrial Zone, No. 266 – 267 Street No. 34, Giza, Egypt.
Tel :
00202-3833 09 78 / 00202-3833 09 48 / 00202-3833 58 64

Fax :
00202-383 19 22 / 00202-3833 13 18 / 00202-3833 04 30